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The Grand Valley Audubon Society strives to foster an appreciation for birds and other wildlife, preserve a diversity of habitats, and provide a sustainable healthy environment through education, research and individual action.

Important Birding Areas in Mesa County

Looking for good places to bird?  Consider exploring one (or all!)  of the five Important Birding Areas located in Mesa County.  Click IBA for details.

Spring Bird Walks!  Join GVAS to see some spring birds!

These walks are open to the public.  See the table below to choose a walk!  Some pairs of binoculars will be provided if you don't have your own.
April 1st
 7:30 AM
 GVAS & Ela Sanctuary
 Bob Moston
 April 4th
 8:00 AM
 GVAS & Ela Sanctuary
  Jim Liewer
 April 8th
 7:30 AM
 GVAS & Ela Sanctuary
 Bob Moston
 April 11th
 7:30 AM
 GVAS & Ela Sanctuary
  Frank Coons
 April 25th
9:00 AM
 Dinosaur Journey in Fruita
 Dave Price
 Carpool to Horsethief wildlife area - trip lasts til around 1:00 PM
 May 6th
 7:30 AM
 GVAS & Ela Sanctuary
 Cary Atwood
 May 16th
 7:30 AM
 GVAS & Ela Sanctuary
 Cary Atwood

The Grand Valley Audubon Society offers two grant opportunities to the community.

The Rich Levad Research Grant will support research and conservation projects up to $1250.

The Education Grant will support the attendance of one youth (12-17 year olds) to the RMBO Summer Camp for up to $750.


GVAS 2015 Events

GVAS Programs are held the

3rd Monday of the Month

7:00 P.M. Fall through Spring

1st Presbyterian Church

3940 27 1/2 Road

Visit GVAS & Ela Sanctuary

608 Dike Road Grand Junction, CO

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