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The Grand Valley Audubon Society strives to foster an appreciation for birds and other wildlife, preserve a diversity of habitats, and provide a sustainable healthy environment through education, research and individual action.

Western Screech-owl Banding Day
May 29   9:00 a.m. 
Walter Walker State Wildlife Area (map to the right)

This is an excellent opportunity to provide children and youth with close-up views of the Grand Valley’s Signature Bird!

Directions: From Grand Junction, go 2 miles west on Highway 6 & 50 to Road 24, then south to the parking area.

Kim Potter, a licensed bander with the US Forest Service, will join us to lead the effort.

Details:  Banding will continue until mid-afternoon and it is possible to meet up the banding team at a later time by calling Nic Korte at 250-8144.  

Locations and timing subsequent to Walker Wildlife cannot be scheduled in advance because the time needed at each location is unpredictable. For example, we may find that the owls are too young to be banded at the first location. The opposite can also occur and they may have already fledged.  

If we are lucky, there will be four or five owlets and a mother owl to band and we will be at the first

location for quite some time.

Questions?  Contact Nic Korte at or 250 8144

Important Birding Areas in Mesa County

Looking for good places to bird?  Consider exploring one (or all!)  of the five Important Birding Areas located in Mesa County.  Click IBA for details.

Hwy 6 & 50 and 24 Road Grand Junction CO

Walter Walker Wildlife Area

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